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2/1/2023 February at THE HERITAGE

11/2/2022 The Heritage Welcomes Executive Director

10/3/2022 October at The Heritage

9/21/2022 Tonight at The Heritage

9/2/2022 September at The Heritage

July 4th Weekend at The Heritage

6/8/2022 June and more at The Heritage

4/29/2022 Tonight at The Heritage

4/8/2022 Gilmore at The Heritage

3/16/2022 Celebrate at The Heritage

2/28/2022 March at The Heritage

2/16/2022 Celebrate at The Heritage

1/30/2022 February at The Heritage

1/24/2022 History at The Heritage

1/18/2022 Upcoming History and Cultural Events

12/24/2021 Happy Holidays

12/16/2021 Honor the Past. Embrace the Future

12/6/2021 Midnight at the Museum

12/1/2021 December at The Heritage

10/29/2021 November at The Heritage

10/4/2021 New Year’s Eve Gala SAVE THE DATE!

8/27/2021 September at The Heritage

8/19/2021 The Heritage Historic Preservation Award

8/10/2021 Music, Movies, and More!

8/3/2021 The Past is Prologue

7/30/2021 August at The Heritage

7/1/2021 This Weekend at The Heritage

6/24/2021 Heritage Events: Concert Series Opener

6/18/2021 A Heritage Welcome

6/11/2021 Grand Opening

6/3/2021 Historic Homes of Old St. Joseph Tour

4/14/2021 How to Find a Lost French Fort Lecture

3/31/2021 Memories of Silver Beach Lecture

3/10/2021 Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration Concert

3/8/2021 West Michigan Pike Lecture

2/23/2021 Idlewild Lecture

1/20/2021 Winter Lecture Series Announcement

1/1/2021 New Year’s Resolutions from The Heritage

12/24/2020 Holiday Greetings from The Heritage

11/23/2020 The Jewish Heritage of Southwest Michigan and A Cozy, Wintry Concert Announcement

11/9/2020 Pokagon Lecture

10/23/2020 Fall 2020 Lecture Series Announcement

8/20/2020 Historic Preservation Award Winner Announcement

8/11/2020 Pokagon Exhibit Opening

6/19/2020 Juneteenth Cultural Celebration

3/9/2020 Celebrating Women’s History Month

2/19/2020 Proclaiming Emancipation Exhibit