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Every community needs a remembering place …

We all need a place that tells our stories, through artifacts, through our dreams. A place that shares how our community came to be what it is today and why we live the way we do. We also need a place that inspires us to keep our story going.

The Heritage Museum at the Priscilla U. Byrns Center is our remembering place in St. Joseph, Michigan. The museum houses our area’s history, its artifacts and archival collections and a research library in a historic building along Main Street. Carefully preserved and beautifully appointed, it presents our stories in spacious exhibit halls and creates new memories in elegant banquet facilities.

Every person’s story is important and because we believe sharing these stories is just as important, admission is free to everyone. Come journey into our past, gain a deeper understanding of our present and thrill at the possibilities for the future. If we can become part of your life’s special events, please contact us. We would be privileged to weave your chapter into ours.

*Please note – Our October 20, 2016 program has been cancelled due to illness.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  We look forward to seeing you when our public programs resume, spring 2017!*

St. Joe Lighthouse Tours – Join us in 2017!Want to see this view for yourself? Book your tickets today!

(Photo credit: Denise Emery, thank you for sharing this great image!)

During summer 2016, the Heritage Museum & Cultural Center offered the first-ever public St. Joe Lighthouse Tours. The City of St. Joseph took ownership of the Lights from the federal government in 2013, in recognition of their community importance and to ensure their preservation. Generous donors to the city’s Lighthouse Forever Fund supported a momentous restoration of the structures over the past year, and the Heritage Museum has arranged for access to the lights for tours.

We are busy planning for even more lighthouse programming in the 2017 season! Keep your eyes here as we get closer to summer 2017 for more information.  In the meantime, visit the Heritage Museum to see our Fresnel Lens exhibit in person and learn more about these incredible Lake Michigan beacons!






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